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Learn how to create an award-winning hair collection This course will show you how to create stunning photos for your next hair collection.

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Find out how to create high-impact hair collections 

Learn the secrets of professional photographers 


Where’s your professional collection?

Let me guess...

You’re overwhelmed by the whole concept of putting together a photo shoot.

You know how important it is to have professionally crafted images.

Especially when building your profile, your personal brand and your business.

However, the cost of producing your collection, both in terms of time and money, seems enormous.

You want more opportunities in the Industry, but you can’t find a strategy for success.

Your dream career starts here

Attention barbers and hairdressers

would you risk your career by not having great images of your work?

 Introducing Xposure 

Online programme

Xposure lifts the lid on the secrets of creating amazing photographic collections. Aimed at all professional barbers and hairdressers, this course provides a clear understanding of every aspect of producing your own shoot.

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Expert coaching and mentoring 

Xposure is not just another photographic course. We explain why photography is so important to the career of top hair professionals and, with mentoring from experts working at the highest levels in our industry, show you how to get there.

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Private Facebook Community

Xposure lifts the lid on the secrets of creating amazing photographic collections. Aimed at all professional barbers and hairdressers, this course provides a clear understanding of every aspect of producing your own shoot. Additionally get support from our thriving Facebook community designed to support your creative ambition 

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  • Free bonus training - Xposure challenge 

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    Get the career of your dreams without making costly mistakes!


    • You'll expand your opportunities and experience true creative freedom. With Iconic Hair Club, you'll have access to unique resources and knowledge that will help you grow as a hairstylist

    • You'll feel supported in your creative endeavors. Iconic Hair Club members are a community of passionate and supportive hair professionals who are always willing to help out and offer advice

    • You'll get insights into the hair industry that you won't find anywhere else. With Iconic Hair Club, you'll be able to learn from some of the top hair stylists in the industry and get an inside look at how the business works

    • You'll learn what it takes to be successful in the hair industry. Iconic Hair Club can provide you with the tools, resources, and advice that you need to take your career to the next level

    • You'll grow your profile and branding to achieve greater success. As a member of the Iconic Hair Club, you'll have access to exclusive branding and marketing opportunities that will help you get your name out there and attract more clients

    10X Your career Xposure

    The only programme designed to give you the skills to present your work at its best developing the career of your dreams

    For most of my career, I was that barber, cutting 5 days a week waiting for something to happen. I would look through the magazines, wishing that I could be “that guy” up on stage, or picking up an award in a competition.I had the ambition, and passion, but the thing I lacked the most, was the knowledge on how to achieve my goals.

    I joined Xposure, unsure of the outcome, but it became instantly clear that I was in the right place. The knowledge I have gained from being on the programme with Chris and Andy is unbelievable, but what I have took the most value from, is the community that comes with it. 

    Being surrounded by people with a winners mindset, makes it almost impossible to fail.Whilst on the programme I won the Pro Barber World Series - Barber of the year. Aswell as the trophy, I also achieved the front cover of one of the leading industry magazines, Barber Evo. The impact this has had on my career is incredible, it has opened doors for me, that I had only dreamed of before. I am taking more seriously as a barber because of it and my network has grown ten fold.

    Dean Gleeson

    FREE Bonus 

    Xposure Challenge Training...

    This is a fully edited version of each day of the 

    5-Day Challenge

    providing you with a concise and impactful version of the training. Watch and refer back to the training time and time again!

  • Uncover the secrets of creating award-winning photographic collections

  • Create the perfect social media image to attract your dream clients and career opportunities.

  • Learn how to connect and collaborate with fellow creatives to increase industry opportunities

  • Which one of these results inspires you the most?

     Xposure featured in major industry magazines 

    Chris Foster The profile guy

    Chris Foster, Personal Branding Coach

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