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The Iconic Hair Club 

Learn how to make the most of your profile and attract the best industry opportunities, with this super affordable coaching membership.

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The Iconic Hair Club 

Are you overwhelmed with all the marketing and branding you need to do to get a notice within this industry?

I know how hard it is to market yourself as a stylist. You have to be on social media, emailing clients, updating your website, networking at events…the list goes on. And if you’re not doing those things well enough, then opportunities will pass you by. That’s why I created this mentoring series for hair professionals that are driven to be successful!

This 10-minute video series (with a new video uploading each week) will help you generate more opportunities and excite you about your work again. It’s just £8 or $9.50 a month – so affordable!

Plus, there are no contracts so you can cancel anytime without any hassle from us! What do we have to lose? Let me help today!

Click here right now to sign up for Iconic Hair Club's monthly subscription of videos that'll help make our lives easier as hairdressers or barber!

Your dream career starts here

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  • 40 + hours of content

  • No contracts - Cancel any time

  • 100% money-back guarantee

  • 7 day Free trial - no credit card required

  • Industry advice from some of the biggest names

  • Free bonus training - Xposure challenge 

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    How To Start A Profitable Agency Business & Get Your First Customer In 7 Days

    Become an industry insider

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  • 40+ hours of content

  • No contracts - Cancel any time

  • 100% money-back guarantee

  • Free trial - for 7 days

  • Become an industry insider

  • Free bonus training - Xposure challenge 

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    • You'll expand your opportunities and experience true creative freedom. With Iconic Hair Club, you'll have access to unique resources and knowledge that will help you grow as a hairstylist

    • You'll feel supported in your creative endeavors. Iconic Hair Club members are a community of passionate and supportive hair professionals who are always willing to help out and offer advice

    • You'll get insights into the hair industry that you won't find anywhere else. With Iconic Hair Club, you'll be able to learn from some of the top hair stylists in the industry and get an inside look at how the business works

    • You'll learn what it takes to be successful in the hair industry. Iconic Hair Club can provide you with the tools, resources, and advice that you need to take your career to the next level

    • You'll grow your profile and branding to achieve greater success. As a member of the Iconic Hair Club, you'll have access to exclusive branding and marketing opportunities that will help you get your name out there and attract more clients

    FREE Bonus 

    Xposure Challenge Training...

    This is a fully edited version of each day of the 

    5-Day Challenge

    providing you with a concise and impactful version of the training. Watch and refer back to the training time and time again!

  • Uncover the secrets of creating award-winning photographic collections

  • Create the perfect social media image to attract your dream clients and career opportunities.

  • Learn how to connect and collaborate with fellow creatives to increase industry opportunities

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