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The Profile Guy 

I'm Chris Foster

I kept being asked these questions from hair professionals, who were frustrated at not achieving their career goals. How do I create a recognisable brand? What steps do I need to take to get noticed in the industry? How do I build a celebrity clientele?

Are you thinking the same?

Maybe you're not as successful at this point in your career as you'd like to be. You feel stuck in a rut.

I'm a Celebrity Hair Stylist & mentor with 29 years experience in the industry. I have extensive knowledge of the business, having styled hair for celebrities, advertising, editorial work and worked as a platform artist and educator for some of the biggest hair companies. I know what it takes to create a recognisable personal brand. 


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Chris Foster  The Profile Guy
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Gone are the days of moving from salon to salon, hoping to gain enough knowledge to get that lucky break, Maybe doing the occasional Stage demonstration at a trade event hoping to get noticed. Hope without planning and preparation is a poor strategy for success.

How We Work Together

Personalised coaching, mentoring and support that takes you from confusion, doubt and fear and moves you into confidence, clarity and know-how. It's time for you to be seen, make money, and live your dream life. 

Dean Gleeson

For most of my career, I was that barber, cutting 5 days a week waiting for something to happen. I would look through the magazines, wishing that I could be “that guy” up on stage, or picking up an award in a competition.

I had the ambition, and passion, but the thing I lacked the most, was the knowledge on how to achieve my goals.

I joined Xposure, unsure of the outcome, but it became instantly clear that I was in the right place. The knowledge I have gained from being on the programme with Chris and Andy is unbelievable.

Whilst on the programme I won the Pro Barber World Series - Barber of the year. Aswell as the trophy, I also achieved the front cover of one of the leading industry magazines, Barber Evo. The impact this has had on my career is incredible, it has opened doors for me, that I had only dreamed of before. I am taking more seriously as a barber because of it and my network has grown ten fold. 

Karoliina Saunders

I joined Chris Foster on his course The Ultimate Digital Hair Academy, I knew that I wanted to create a course digitally because I wanted to impact more people but I didn't really have any idea how to start; how to move forward, or what software to use.

The Ultimate Digital hair Academy course has really given me the tools and support that I needed. It clarified everything then steps the I have to take what I have to go through and how to plan my course from start to finish. Also, how to market it to a global audience, but not only that, Chris has been there for me throughout as well. I really needed that support because I'm like most hairdressers I'm not very techie, and that's where you may need someone like Chris who can give you great advice, great mentoring. That makes a huge difference.

When I launched my course from Salon to Session the response was phenomenal generated £3000 in two days! I'm so glad that I launched my digital education with the help and support from Chris "

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